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PicFly provides mobile marketing services that use image recognition. User interaction is key to brand awareness.

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Our Solution

Offering interactive experiences to venue visitors, concertgoers while in the crowd.

Your audience can snap a picture of a poster or stage, text it to us and we'll reply with a message of your choice. The audience can open a merchandise page while still at the concert to order shirts or CDs.

We offer a turnkey service that includes the image recognition solution, mobile optimized ecommerce site for your merchandise and even daily payouts to your bank account.



kansas_40y_anniversary, 101kB

Celebrating their 40th year as a band in 2013, KANSAS' first public statement appeared on their self-titled album in 1974. "From the beginning, we considered ourselves and our music different and we hope we will always remain so." Little did this legendary rock group realize that back in the early ‘70's, what seemed to be “different," was actually ahead of its time.

source: kansasband.com

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